"You're only one relationship away from changing your future!"

"You're only one relationship away from changing your future!"

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CHAS WILSON is the president and CEO of Master Networks, Inc. Known as "The Voice of the Entrepreneur", Chas' mission is to educate, equip, and empower entrepreneurs so they can leave a legacy beyond the business.

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking, Chas has spent many years consulting business leaders and entrepreneurs. He has a passion for teaching, training, and helping them succeed. Chas is the host of the Connect, Share, Prosper podcast and the author of Five Plus One: The Entrepreneur’s Formula for Success and Now Make Good.

Chas has been married to Jaclyn for the past 18 years. They are the happy parents of 5 children and live just north of McKinney, Texas. Sports have always been a huge part of Chas’ life, and he loves taking time to coach his boys in baseball and football every year. He even coached high school varsity football for 3 years!
Making his family a priority is important to Chas, and he does everything he can to be present for them. It’s this challenge that drives Chas to help other entrepreneurs find the balance in their own lives so they can have the same opportunity to spend time with their families and build up the relationships that will last them a lifetime.





The Entrepreneur's Formula For Success

Being an entrepreneur isn’t about just doing the right things. It’s about doing the right things in
the right order. Five Plus One will give you the systematic formula you need to be successful
in any business!


As a leader, you know that you are the only 
person who can define what success looks like
for you. Now Make Good is for leaders who want more, who want to make a difference, who are committed to success. 

Word of Mouth Podcast

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy! How do you build a network, run a profitable business, make an impact, and have a personal life at the same time?

Word of Mouth is more than just networking, it is a conversation that could generate your next lead, or help you achieve the next big goal.

Chas Wilson, also known as “The Voice of the Entrepreneur”, sits down and has candid conversations with business owners, solopreneurs, and people just like you in the business world. Each episode takes a deep dive into the tools needed to help you improve your mindset, increase your skill set, and expand your network!

Recent Episodes



Hire Chas To Speak

As “The Voice of the Entrepreneur,” Chas brings practical wisdom, life-changing insights, and emotional connection to every event where he speaks. He’s helped business leaders, entrepreneurs, members of the Chamber of Commerce, and even students clearly envision the path they need to take to achieve what they define as success. Powerful, funny, and focused, Chas is the perfect speaker for your next leadership event.

Five Plus One Mastery


If you are looking for a coach or a mentor who doesn’t just teach the theory but actually walks the walk, then this coaching group is for you!

Chas and a hand-selected group of assistant coaches drill deep into the five business disciplines from his best-selling book Five Plus One -- thinking, targeting, tracking, timing, and team building -- as well as each coach’s specialty, including Manifesting Millions, Google My Business, and social media.

Come see what’s bringing over 40 entrepreneurs together every week to connect, share, and prosper!


Can’t make time for the Mastery Program? Come to Mastermind!

Each year, join a small group of entrepreneurs who come together for two days of the best business building and sales training in the world.

The event is designed to help you build and scale ANY business using the Five Plus One and Manifesting Millions processes!


This is where the best of the best play BIG.

The Inner Circle is a group of Chas’ most elite clients, entrepreneurs who are growing to reach the 7-figure mark. The Inner Circle has one-to-one access to Chas, coaching calls, and in-person mastermind events twice a year.

Chas only takes 15 people into the Inner Circle after they’ve gone through an exclusive application process. If joining the 1M Club is your goal, let the Inner Circle get you there.


Master Networks is a membership network of learning-based, service-oriented entrepreneurs and business leaders. We meet in local chapters each week to Connect, Share, and Prosper!

"You are only one relationship away from changing your future!"
- Chas Wilson

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