Sept 23rd - 25th, 2019
Plano, TX

How to be Financially Free in 10 Years or Less, regardless of age, education, or experience!

Day One
Our Strategy
The Money Disciplines

The Financial Freedom Formula:
 (C4 + 4P) x V 

The ONLY Proven Way To Become Financially Free In 10 Years Or Less

Day Two
The Game Plan
The Vault

Henry Ford's Untold Secret To Wealth: 

How I Generate $10,384 Every Month Spending Less Than 30 Minutes Per Week
Day Three (Half day)

4-Step Fool-Proof System: 

Only The Best Investments Delivered To Your Inbox Anywhere In The World . . . That No Traditional Investor Will Ever See.
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Chas Wilson
CHAS WILSON is the president and CEO of Master Networks, Inc. Known as “The Voice of the Entrepreneur”, Chas’ mission is to educate, equip, and empower entrepreneurs so they can leave a legacy beyond the business.

Known for his entrepreneurial spirit and out-of-the-box thinking, Chas has spent many years consulting business leaders and entrepreneurs. He has a passion for teaching, training, and helping them succeed. Chas is the host of the Connect, Share, Prosper podcast and the author of Five Plus One: The Entrepreneur’s Formula for Success and Now Make Good.

Making his family a priority is important to Chas, and he does everything he can to be present for them. It’s this challenge that drives Chas to help other entrepreneurs find the balance in their own lives so they can have the same opportunity to spend time with their families and build up the relationships that will last them a lifetime.
Ryan Lee
RYAN LEE is the co-founder of CashFlow Tactics.

Cash flow is the key to financial independence and our mission is to share with you a clearly defined and actionable system to help achieve 40 years of financial results in 10 years or less regardless of your age, income level, or experience.

Empire Builders are focused on FREEDOM.

We are ready to take action and willing to accept responsibility.

We are not concerned about status quo or tradition. We are committed to results.

We are not risk takers or speculators. We seek out principles and require control.

We do not need handouts or shortcuts. We do the work and learn to leverage the system.

We want more than just money. Money is our tool to create.

We want to rise and build a life that matters.

A life driven by purpose. A life fueled by passion.

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