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After losing nearly everything..I discovered the Entrepreneurs Formula to running a SUCCESSFUL Businesses.  Today I run over 30 profitable companies...and I will show you how.
 Truth #1  Knowing the technical skill of my business will not make me successful.

One of the challenges for most of us that we are really good at the technical skill of our business.  For example, if you are a learned all of the necessary skill and knowledge to be a chiropractor in school.  However, nobody taught you how to run a successful Chiropractic business.  

If you have your real estate license you might understand how to write a contract to purchase a new home, yet who showed you how to turn that into a profitable business. I will share the simple and straight forward process to running your business.

Truth #2  If you go on vacation or take time off and your business have a job! 
Most of us want to work for ourselves because we want to make more money and have more free time.  Most of us quickly realize that we have less time and less money.   I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur that has done it alone.  

I will share with you the Master Skill of Networking to help you harness the power of "who" in your life.  This simple skill alone may hold the key to unlocking your profits!

Not only am I the author....I am also a client!
Years ago there was a T.V. commercial that sold a hair restoration product.  At the end of the commercial the owner made a statement saying something to the effect of "Not only am I the owner, but I am also a customer."  He was a product of his product.

What does that have to do with you and me?  

You see, everything I share in this book is exactly what I do everyday to run all of my businesses. The simple truth is that some may teach you the business philosophies and yet they haven't run a business for years...if at all.  Or, some even give you proper advice but in the wrong order.  You must do the right things in the right order to be successful.  

As Entrepreneurs, I believe we have a moral and ethical obligation to be successful.  We hold the keys to the dreams of those around us and they are counting on us.....each of us!  The Business Disciplines taught in this book have helped hundreds of people just like you be amazingly successful!  Now, the time is yours....!

meet the man behind the book
Four years ago, he co-founded Dallas-based Master Networks, the fastest growing business networking
organization in the country with thousands members across the U.S. This year, Chas released his new
book: Five + One: The Entrepreneurs Formula for Success which details how five business disciplines plusthe power of networking are critical skills to master in order to sustain and grow your business.

What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
Tired of the business books that are full of theory, stories, and fluff?  Five Plus One is a practical and pragmatic approach to business growth.  This book will lay the path for you to follow to grow a successful business! 
Just a few things that you will learn:
  • How to make sure you are targeting the "right" clients.
  • When is the right time to hire and how do I find the talent for my team.  
  • The seven key numbers that every business owner must know!
  • How to get more customers instantly.
  • The financial mindset of the successful business owner.
  • The three things you can do right now to make more money!
Page 1.  Every Successful Entrepreneur follows the Five Business Disciplines that surround the foundation of The Master Skill.  Learn this formula in this amazing book!
Page 5. In this chapter we discuss how to get more customers and to turn them in to repeat and referrals.  
Table of Contents. We will walk through the Five Disciplines of Thinking, Targeting, Tracking, Timing and Team Building.
Page 152 boss vs coach

Five Plus One is helping entrepreneurs building successful businesses 3x's as fast in half the time!
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
Not just another business book.....
Review By Jerry
I read 'five+one' hoping it was not just another how-to business book. I was delighted at what I found; a business owner's handbook, which this is, that is free of the jargon and unnecessary commentary that bury other books in this genre. 
This is an amazing book....
Review By Myan B
This is an amazing book for business owners, sales people, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in building a business. The principles taught are clear and easy to understand. Sometimes we make business too complicated. This book focuses on the areas of business that are critical to success and provides actionable steps to improve! Love it!

This is a must read for any entrepreneur whether new or seasoned!  Chas takes the complex and makes it simple.

Dave Jenks -  Co-Author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Starting a new business?  This is the only book you need!  I this is as close to the playbook for entrepreneurs as you can get.  

Corey Baumann

This book is not full of hype and theory but proven, profitable and simple steps you can implement.

Jodee Bock